Camping Rules and Regulations 2020

Don’t you get tired of people who don’t know common camping courtesy? If you are tired of naughty ‘neighbors,’ just point them this way!

If you pack it in, bring it out: this means everything! Biodegradables are ok to bury (eggshells, coffee grinds, food waste,etc.) If you aren’t sure if you should leave it- then don’t!

  • Leave your site cleaner than you found it: If you pick up just one piece of garbage that the slob before you left behind- it will be a cleaner world. If everyone who gives a darn does this, you may find a more beautiful site next time you camp.
Camping Rules and Regulations
  • Treat the restrooms as if you were at home: as a former park employee, I think I can safely say that campers treat public restrooms poorly. If I were to tell stories of the ugly things I’ve seen in campground bathrooms (as a former employee) – this would be the X-files (or at least x-rated). All I can say is that I am very proud that I never vomited in the line of duty.

  • Keep off!: If the signs say do not touch- don’t. I have seen people rub their hands on petroglyphs. I have seen people leaning on Native American dwellings 600 years old. I try to have tact, but my husband doesn’t. My husband has reported dozens of people destroying remains by mishandling them. He will resort to public embarrassment- pointing offenders out to other tourists in a loud voice. My husband may be watching you the next time you ignore vital park signs… So don’t!

  • Please register at fee areas: The employees have heard all of the excuses.”I thought it said the free area, not the fee area!” is no good. The funds do not go to the park if it is not a private campground, but the park employees are held responsible if you do not pay. In some states, employees drive-through at early hours and write down license plate numbers. You then get a fine through your local D.M.V. if you take off without paying. There are many places to camp for free and if that’s your goal, go to an open campground.

  • Leave your radio/boombox at HOME! Aaaargh! I cannot believe that people go out into the beautiful wilderness and drag their music along! When I’m out in nature, I want to hear the birds sing, the wind blows, and the waterfall…not some noise that defeats the purpose of getting away from it all. Don’t pollute also means NOISE pollution. (Hmmm maybe rude campers are why I gave up camping) 🙂
  •  Provided by Anita Ford

  • Litterbugs and feeding the wildlife: My beef about campers and those who sightsee are the big time litterbugs! On one mountain near old Tucson (AZ), there is a beautiful spot to view the land. Also, it’s a great place to see broken beer bottles and beer cans. If people enjoy a sight, they should allow others to appreciate it too.
camping rules 2019
  • Also, as a former employee of Yellowstone (the vendor, not the park service), there was a problem with visitors not respecting the wildlife. Because animals, like Bison, were approachable, people thought they were tame, and some visitors got gored. DAAA! Also a problem with feeding wildlife, a major no-no.
  • Provided by Carol

  • Wildlife: look, take a photo, don’t feed or tease.

   Provided by Ed Carpenter

  • Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.
  •                Provided by Karen 

  • you bring your Pooch; please bring your pooper scooper or
  • carry a baggie to clean up after Fido!
  •     Provided by Monica Cronin