Family Reunion Camping Ideas ~ Group Camping Ideas

Are you planning a reunion or a family get-together? You can find no better place than a picnic area or campground.

There is no need to rent an expensive dining area or hall for your family reunion. Nobody has to be stuck with having a reunion at their home every year. An excellent public area will provide you with a perfect economical solution.

Picnic Areas:

Family Reunion Camping Ideas

Many picnic areas provide large group sites where your family can gather comfortably. Children will have room to run without fear of breaking anything – and gatherings with more significant numbers of children will require less supervision (a real break for Moms and Dads).

Choosing a good picnic area should be done a few months in advance. Check the following items when seeking a nice spot for your gathering:

  • Assure that the parking in the area of your choice will be adequate.
  • Many parks offer over-flow parking. You may want to ensure that all parking will be near your picnic area.
  • Some parks require a per car fee – if your family must arrive in many different vehicles, this may not be the choice for you.
  • Some parks will not allow the consumption of alcohol or won’t allow glass beverage containers. If anyone wants to drink a beer or two, you will need to consider this.
  • You may want to check restroom locations. If anyone in your party has trouble getting around – you may want to choose a picnic area with restrooms quite nearby.
  • The grills should be checked in advance. There are many different styles of BBQ grills – make sure you like what you’ll be cooking with.
  • You should make reservations for your picnic site.

Make your reservations well in advance. If your plans fall on a weekend – you may have a lot of competition for your site. If your site does not accept reservations, you will want to have a member of your party arrive as early as possible. Do not try this on holiday weekends!

Group Campsites:

Group campsites are ideal for family reunions. Everyone has a beautiful place to stay – and nobody is stuck with an expensive hotel bill. Most group sites are removed from the main campground, giving you and your family privacy – and room to stretch out.

Group Camping Ideas

There are a few things you will want to consider when selecting a group campsite for your family reunion. You will want to check everything mentioned on the picnic list above as well as:

  • Many group campsites only allow a certain number of vehicles or will charge extra if you have more than a certain amount. This can really increase the camping fees if you don’t plan ahead.
  • Check the group area you have in mind. Make sure you are satisfied with its location, upkeep, facilities, etc. Park staff may work with you to correct problems with some advance notice.
  • Check for poison oak/ivy near the campsite.
  • Check the restrooms and water spigots for functionality and cleanliness. These areas generally get less use than most recreation areas – so checking routine maintenance is essential.
  • Make sure the campgrounds are convenient for supplies, etc.
  • Know where the nearest market and hardware store is located – when camping in a group, someone will all ways run out of something.
  • It’s always best to know where a medical clinic or hospital is and make sure all of the adults in your party get this information – just in case!
  • Know where the nearest payphone is – before your family camping trip begins.

With a little planning – a family camp-out or picnic can become a wonderful tradition you can repeat year after year.