How to use airbrush machine for cake decorating

Cakes, in many cases, are frosted and piped with several shades of icing. Nonetheless, mixing each and every hue, filling clear bags and utilizing new tips for every shade tends to make for any lot of function and clean-up. 

Yet another strategy to decorate cakes with color or add sheen and dimension to a cake would be to airbrush cakes with edible paints. 

An airbrush operates by pressing a smaller trigger that enables air from your compressor to shoot out as a result of a small opening. The air picks up edible paint which is held within a smaller cup and sprays it inside a perfect mist out the finish of your nozzle. 

This will give the icing on the cake soft wisps of coloration or bold, all-over finishes of any hue, depending on the amount of strain you use towards the trigger and how long your goal it on 1 place in the cake.

How to use airbrush machine for cake decorating
  • Obtain a Cake airbrush compressor method that’s created especially for decorating cakes from a cake decorating supply save or on the net (see Assets beneath). Get as very good a machine while you can easily afford, as you typically get what you shell out for. Very inexpensive devices have a tendency to break very easily or pulse the air which benefits while in the nozzle spraying out splotches of color instead of a reliable perfect mist.
  • Obtain edible paints that are suggested for the airbrush system. Attempt mixing modest quantities of colors to create new colors, or get pearlized or metallic hues for specific finishes.
  • Get ready the cake by coating it using a layer of icing (commonly buttercream). Wait a number of minutes for the icing to build, then area the smoothest facet of the Viva paper towel on top rated in the cake. Brush your hand swiftly more than the towel several occasions to make some friction. Move the towel to a different placement and repeat it. Do the exact same procedure on the sides of the cake to make a smooth finish throughout the cake’s surface area.
  • Go through the instructions that arrived using your cake airbrush compressor technique and ensure that you just fully grasp them. Re-read them for anyone who is uncertain of any of your ways to get ready to implement the brand new technique.
  • Spot a modest amount of edible paint to the cup from the airbrush. Practice spraying the paint employing several sets off pressures and back and forth movements of your brush on a paper towel to observe the results.
  • Make a decision on the pattern you desire for making within the cake and begin spraying the first coloration. Thoroughly clean the cup and load it along with the following coloration. Carry on until finally, you have the impact you want.

Cake Airbrush Compressor

Things you will need within cake decorating airbrush use Cake Airbrush Compressor :

Cake airbrush compressor method for cakes Edible paints Iced and smoothed cake, before doing it, prepare all airbrush kits or airbrush supplies for this work

How to use airbrush machine for cake decorating:

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